Walls, Towers, and Spider Webs

Learning and Things Maybe?

Wherein the party gon' learn today

The party had a long day of learning and walking through the capital city still bustling with life and vigor as people are in a mad dash to replace their papers, complete the wall, and set up for the many celebrations and feasts that seem to be coming almost daily.

In the Grand Central, the party encountered Lady Emmeryn Elyse and arranged a meeting with her to discuss business and questions they may have. After planning to meet at the Grand Clergy the group went to the library and learned many things about the various outsiders they’ve encountered in their journey thusfar. Afterwards, they traveled to the merchant’s district and then the blacksmiths district to find a way to easily vanquish the daemonic foes they think they will face once more. They encountered a skilled blacksmith, a dwarf who saw Sparrow’s heirloom and remarked at its exquisite design revealing that it was forged by a technique passed down by his family. With this bit of information and the promise of new silvery weapons, the party returned to the religious district to meet with the Grand Cleric.


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