Tall, handsome, good with a sword. What more do you need to know?


Frankly, the tallest of the group. Standing at a whopping 6 foot, this youth is made out of whipcord and strangle vine. His wiry build betrays no weakness of body and bears the scars of experience. Roguish good looks and his piercing blue eyes could make even a court lady blush. Along with his silver tongue he is a crowd favorite in the dueling rings. He is always dressed simply and practical, thinking about mobility and how easy it is for him to access his weapon of preference, the dueling sword.


The streets, those were my home for most of my life. Crawling through muck and grime for that copper piece or slice of fallen bread. Dipping in and out of market place, stealing what I could to get by and help feed my friends. That was life for me, until I tried to make off with Galaarys Vando‚Äôs coin purse. But, as it may be known, trying to rob an ancient Sword Master like that is next to impossible. But, I have been known to make my living on surviving the impossible. He found took a liking to me, shortly after beating and berating me for being so foolish. Mostly for not researching my target. He took me under his wing and started training me in the ways of an Aldori Swordlord. I took to it very well, if I do say so myself. Year later, I picked up an allegedly cursed sword from the top shelf of my master’s display case. It took me, consumed me, burned my new home to the ground and killed my master.

After the fire, I toured the city, working ‘honest’ jobs. Eventually, I came across an Elf by the name of Varta and worked for him as a hired sword. And, then one day, there was an alarm raised through the town…


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