Oglo Kalisang

Resident spellslinger, halfling, and occasional voice of reason


Short, really short, like 2’ 11" short, On the pale side, typically rapped up in a large billowy robe that hides most of his gross physical features, long arms, really long arms, like 5’ long.


Oglo has always different from the rest of his family and other halflings. Is it his charming good looks, striking personality, ability to throw around magic, or his disgusting and twisted mind and body. Probably the last two. Somewhere in his family someone got frisky with something aberrant and everyone else from that line was luckier than him, but it’s not a completely raw deal because he can cast badass spells because of this taint in his blood.

when he was a youth it wasn’t really that bad, he looked normal enough and sure some weird things happened around him, but that could be easily explained away. It’s when he was about 14 that things started to go wrong. At this point the taint in his blood began to exert a greater force and his magical skills revealed themselves. He tried so hard to keep it hidden, but people will always be curious and he was confronted one day by a group of his peers and he was pushed too far. One boy was disfigured by the acid that was sprayed at his face, while another was left spasming on the floor after receiving a nasty shock. This display caused most of the others to flee, and Oglo did the same.

Oglo Kalisang

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