Flynt Chole



Flynt is an old man. He looks to be about 70 years of age, grey hair is loosely tied up out of his face. He as a grey beard that is always contaminated with mineral deposits, sometimes salt, sometimes coal, and other times glimmering with what looks like gemstones. He walks with a slight hunch so he appears slightly shorter than his true 5’ 4’’ height.

Flynt likes to speak in riddles and questions. Poking at your sense of awareness and perspective on the world. Or maybe he’s just insane, who’s to know? He likes to commune with his rocks which he carries around him all the time although they change as he moves from one area to another for Flynt is always tossing and collecting more specimens.


Flynt Chole was born to a moderately wealthy family in the Northwest. His father was a coal merchant and named Flynt after the shiny rock that glimmers in deposits throughout the area. Flynt’s family made their ends meet, it wasn’t easy and certainly not luxurious, but they made due. Flynt’s mother always told him that he was special, that the very Earth blessed him with gifts. Flynt never knew what she meant but it became clear to him that he was not like most kids around his age. Flynt was always wiser that others in his town, he had a particular knack for predicting when something bad was going to happen. Once Flynt had a strange feeling overcome him, compelling the young boy to run into the mines and urge as many people as he could to leave moments before the mine collapsed. Flynt’s gift earned him admiration from his peers as a sort of mine-shaft canary.

Eventually Flynt grew weary of his simple home and desired something new, as many teenagers his age do. Flynt learned of an apprenticeship in the Capital that would train him to not just work and sell from the mines but rather use methods to discover new mines, or design new and safer equipment. Flynt eagerly applied and was accepted into this apprenticeship, subsequently he was shipped off to the Capitol for proper education and training. Flynt was a top of class kind of student. He excelled in his new environment and was quickly making an impression. Flynt saw his family every so often as they made their way to the Capitol to sell wears and keep track of business.

During his apprenticeship Flynt caught wind of a terrible mine collapse in his home town. Upon hearing the news Flynt rushed to his home of birth to assist in any way he could. Luckily his father and brothers were still alive and well, but Flynt was distressed to learn that his family’s business was on the verge of collapse much like the mine. Flynt decided to stay and use his education to help his family get back on their feet. Days turned into weeks, into years and Flynt helped his family as much as he could using a few connections he had made while in the Capital.

Flynt’s parents grew old, and fairly soon they passed on as disease swept throught he area, taking the weak and old with it. Although beset by grief, Flynt and his brothers carried on the family business but soon found they could not compete with other mining families, expenditures were simply too expensive. The other owners were using indentured servants to do the dirty work and thus were spending much less on labour. Flynt learned this and struggled with whether to switch to the cheaper system or risk losing everything his family worked for.

Flynt decided to meet with his brothers in the house they grew up in to discuss the possible future. Over a matter of days they debated and seemed close to a resolution. Overnight however, the foundation that the house rested on began to shift and Flynt awoke in the middle of the night from a terror in his sleep. He rushed to his brothers’ rooms only to find their throats slit. Flynt feared for his life and fled, watching from a distance as his house began to crumble and sink into the Earth itself.

Flynt Chole

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