Alizia Rosenoak

Half-Elven Summoner, that wants to see the world.


25 years old
5 feet 8 inches
110 pounds
Prays to Veiloaria
Looks: Light red eyes. Short hair cut just above her neck line, goes up around her ears. Blue in color due to a favor done by her first an only love (a gnome girl named Tabitha). Wears a bandana over her fore head (red in color). Twin leaf necklace and small diamond shaped earrings both green in color. slightly pointed ears.
Clothes: Leather pants, mid thigh high boots, belt, white shirt, black vest kept unbuttoned, and black leather gloves.
Weapons: Father’s Eleven Curved Blade, a sickle and a Quarter Staff.


Abandoned by her father at birth Alizia’s mother tried to raise Alizia by herself. At the age of five Alizia started to show odd behavior including talking to walls and describing things that didn’t exist. So in fear she might be failing as a parent her mother took Alizia to an orphanage in the slums of the capital. She was left there with only; a letter, a pair of earing’s, a necklace, and blade of her fathers.

As the years went on Alizia was bullied for both her half elf body and her strange behavior. The actions were mostly by boys thus she grew a dislike for them. It climaxed one day when she was ten, a group of boys locked her in a closet. It was here Alizia awakened her summoner talents and called forth Bixs-Lou and Eidolon. He swore to protect her, and teach her to fight the best he could. From then on Alizia focused on learning any and everything.

At the age of sixteen after many years of studying and work that Alizia had had enough of the cramped house. One day while cleaning a boy pushed her to far and she proceeded to beat the child. It climaxed when she nearly stabbed him with a woodened broom. Fearing the outcome of the fight Alizia grabbed what she could including what her mother left her and ran away.

She began living in the woods to the south with Bixs-Lou at her side. With his help she was able to survive. Soon she understood she needed money to get further and key supplies. She started going into small towns and villages and using her natural talent and knowledge became a street performer. This allowed her to earn enough money to get food, clothes, and any books that caught her eye. She continued this for many years. Only staying in certain towns for short periods.

Now she is 25 and still keeping up with her vagabond life style of forest and town stays. Sadly thought she wants more she wants to see the rest of the world or go on an adventure. She just hopes she can do something amazing, and become written in the books she loves to read.

Alizia Rosenoak

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