Walls, Towers, and Spider Webs

Learning and Things Maybe?
Wherein the party gon' learn today

The party had a long day of learning and walking through the capital city still bustling with life and vigor as people are in a mad dash to replace their papers, complete the wall, and set up for the many celebrations and feasts that seem to be coming almost daily.

In the Grand Central, the party encountered Lady Emmeryn Elyse and arranged a meeting with her to discuss business and questions they may have. After planning to meet at the Grand Clergy the group went to the library and learned many things about the various outsiders they’ve encountered in their journey thusfar. Afterwards, they traveled to the merchant’s district and then the blacksmiths district to find a way to easily vanquish the daemonic foes they think they will face once more. They encountered a skilled blacksmith, a dwarf who saw Sparrow’s heirloom and remarked at its exquisite design revealing that it was forged by a technique passed down by his family. With this bit of information and the promise of new silvery weapons, the party returned to the religious district to meet with the Grand Cleric.

A New Day
Wherein the party grows again

After narrowly escaping death, becoming an accomplice to several crimes, and traveling the country performing for the citizens, the motley crew of destined convened at the capital city under the banner of the Wet Swan once more and encountered two new souls! Alizia Rosenoak and Flynt Chole two adventurers traveling to the capital to renew their papers. After some relaxation and intriguing conversation, Flint managed to empress the weary, but staunch elf Varta. Seeing the desire to travel and see the world, Varta offered to have Flint accompany the group so that he would see the world with the hopefully skilled protection of the party still searching for clues.

Meanwhile, Faux found himself in the company of the ever scheming Haalialiel who led him into the home of a nobleman entranced by his alluring talk of adventure and travel. Upon entering the home, and a decidedly failed attempt at seduction, the man was slain by Faux and his soul trapped in the hilt of an ornate dagger. After a falling out, the star-crossed not-lovers separated and Faux rejoined the crew and spoke to Varta at length.

Varta, slightly more forlorn than usual, urged the party to do research at the religious district in hopes of finding clues to the recent rise in demonic activity per Sparrow and Oglo Kalisang’s reports. He has also arranged for them to reenter the prison in hopes of resolving the chaos of undead that have taken hold.

This is now the time for our party to find answers that were, before now, ethereal and coy. How will they progress and what dangers will they face?

Massive Recap
Because time has no meaning in fantasy space.

The party has been on quite an epic adventure. After finding themselves exiles of the domineering and controlling capital, enabling the genocide of an entire town, and stumbling upon ancient and mystical temples, the party is mired deep in the mysteries of this ancient land of Enveissia. Currently, Oglo and Sparrow have found themselves in the company of demons looking for the one who broke a contract and hid themselves from view. Faux has become an accomplice to the mysterious witch Haalialiel’s plans, and the dirvish dancing dignitary from Vanca is making his way around to the party.

Tensions are high in Enveissia as the silent cold war between magic and melee has become known and the ailing capital rests its shoulders on the motley band in search of mysterious artifacts that seem to invite more danger than they prevent. The light-hearted cleric of Tiefa, Collel seems to be the only guiding light still moving on her pilgrimage from temple to temple slowly uncovering more about the ancient rite of passage she must undergo.

The road is still long and full of dangers but will our heroes rise to the challenge or allow its weight to crush them like flies?

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